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Immersive experiences that deliver transformational value


Give your next career step the time and attention it deserves – join the consulting industry’s most insightful and immersive event.

The Virgin Hyperloop of pharma industry insight, the SpaceX Dragon of consulting career events, this Eradigm Centre of Excellence experience will propel you further and faster than any other into the next stage of your professional journey!

Designed and delivered by our experienced consultants who work at the coal front of the pharma industry, the Pharma Future Sessions will give you first hand insight into some of the key opportunities and challenge facing pharma during this unique moment in the industry.

Our Pharma Consulting Skills Masterclass then provides an immersive deep dive into a consultant’s toolbox, climaxing in a facilitated team based case study competition that will help you put all your know-how into practice.

  • Pharma Future Sessions – Tuesday 16th February 2021
  • Pharma Consulting Skills Masterclass – Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th of February 2021

Attendance Options:

EARLY BIRD RATES – Register before January 15th 2021 and save 20%!

Option 1 – Full Pharma Festival Experience: £150 VAT (3 days)

Option 2 – Pharma Future Sessions only: £50 VAT (1 day)

Option 3 – Pharma Consulting Skills Masterclass only: £120+ VAT (2 days)

FULL RATES- Register after January 15th 2021

Option 1 – Full Pharma Festival Experience: £180 VAT (3 days)

Option 2 – Pharma Future Sessions only: £60 VAT (1 day)

Option 3 – Pharma Consulting Skills Masterclass only: £144 + VAT (2 days)


Targeted at those who are relatively new to the industry, the Pharma Future Sessions will provide any aspiring pharma professionals with a succinct but comprehensive journey through some of the critical forces shaping the future of the industry.

Designed and delivered by Eradigm’ s team of industry leading consultants, you will hear first-hand by some of those with intimate working knowledge of these complex dynamics. The day will finish with a fireside chat with a panel of industry professionals from Eradigm’ s elite client network, who will give you their view from the inside. A soft entry to our Pharma Consulting Skills Masterclass, sit back and enjoy the ride on this fascinating journey through pharma!


Part 1: Pharma Future – Day Session

  • Digital Therapeutics: big pharma faces an identity crisis – David McBay PhD, Associate Consultant
  • Pharma after COVID-19: temporary or transformational? – Laura Smith, Senior Associate Consultant
  • Shapeshifters: how pharma is reinventing itself through partnering – Gala Farooq PhD, Senior Associate Consultant
  • From Copycat to Innovator: The global significance of China in the future of pharma, and how Western MN’s are capturing the opportunity – Ilaria Coppola, Senior Associate Consultant
  • Value Based Healthcare: an opportunity or threat for pharma? – Allison Hills PhD, Consultant
  • Innovation in R&D: Is pharma becoming too “bold”? – Nikoletta Gkatza PhD, Consultant
  • Patient-centricity in Practice: The future of patient services – Victoria Blackbeard, Consultant

Part 2: Fast Track Success – Lunchtime Session

  • Learn the HR tips and tricks on being an attractive candidate for a Life Science consultancy – Diala Ghandour, Eradigm HR Business Partner

Part 3: The Inside Scoop – Evening Session

  • Engage in fireside chats with senior guest industry professionals to understand in their views and predictions on how the industry is changing from the inside, as well as what they consider best in class when it comes to working with consultants – guest speakers to be revealed soon


Get INFORMED: understand the fundamentals of the Life Sciences and Consulting industries, to obtain core skills and help decide if this is the right career path for you

Get INSIGHTS: deepen your consulting know-how, and strengthen your grasp of major ongoing pharma trends, to know where to focus your time and efforts to enter consulting

Get KNOWHOW: refine and broaden your existing skillset by challenging your assumptions and practicing your skills in a dynamic environment, to propel your existing career forward

From Zero to Hero – The Pharma Consultant Toolbox – Wednesday 17th February

Part 1: Making sense of Opportunity and Threats in Healthcare

• Healthcare Industry: megatrends impacting the space today and tomorrow

• The Pharma Company: diverse business models to tap into discrete value verticals

• Leveraging Opportunities – Mitigating threats: a fly on the wall in pharma’s strategic control room

Part 2: Critical Consulting Skills

• The Consulting Supply Chain – delivering end to end value

• Research and Analysis Skills – the fundamentals

• Delivering with Impact – mastering high impact story lining

Day 3: Immersive Case Study Rodeo – Thursday 18th February

  • You will be assigned a team and client question from the Eradigm portfolio relating to either product entry, product lifecycle management, portfolio (above-brand) strategy or corporate strategy
  • You will have a set amount of time to develop the best strategy to answer the case study with one-on-one coaching from seasoned consultants to simulate the reality of working in life sciences strategy consulting
  • Through a Dragon’s Den approach, the best presentations from each group will go through to a ‘finals’ round to be assessed by senior management and their peers alike


Our previous attendees said:

‘’I really enjoyed the two day masterclass. I was really informative and I liked the immersive experience. I felt like I could be open and ask any questions.

“This is by far the most comprehensive consulting class I’ve had. The course faculty generously shared their real-life consulting challenges, research methodologies, slide templates, and creation workflows, all wrapped up in interactive sessions and time-pressured approaches making the whole experience very real and rich.”

Fantastic opportunity to learn about the key players, trends and business models in pharma/biotech industry. I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to conduct our own data analysis/research methodologies in a real-world case study.”

“I have really been frustrated with other consulting events however this one was very thorough and provided a nice platform to put theory into practice.”

Communication is the best part of the experience I had with Eradigm. I contacted the HR Manager before the class and she answered every one of my questions patiently without any delay. And during the event, there were a lot of questions, and almost all of them got answered. It’s a wonderful experience.”

“My certificate of attendance allowed me to immediately enrich my consulting career profile on LinkedIn, and gave me fantastic fodder for use in my interviews with prospective employers – I felt much more confident in talking the talk – thanks to the Eradigm Centre of Excellence!”