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The Eradigm Centre of Excellence

Open source impact for the life sciences community

The Eradigm Centre of Excellence (ECoE) is an independent life sciences learning and experience community. As a sister organisation to Eradigm Consulting, the Centre of Excellence was launched in 2020 to provide an insight, education and inspiration platform to global healthcare and life sciences professionals, through engaging content, as well as public or bespoke immersive events and programs.

Beneficiaries of the community include

Graduates who are looking to enter pharma and healthcare who want to understand the fundamentals and learn hard and soft skills through immersive learning experience

Early stage professionals wanting to learn more about critical developments in the sector from emerging technologies, to therapeutic and commercial trends

Mid-career experienced executives wanting to sharpen their understanding of complex disruptive forces shaping this fascinating environment and contribute to the conversation

Eradigm Consulting’s own consultants who benefit from and contribute to the broad range of resources that the Centre of Excellence provides

Contributors to the community include

Members of the life sciences community that join as Centre of Excellence Faculty on a long term basis. These are typically individuals with whom we have a long term relationship and/or contribute their capabilities on a continuous basis to the CoE or Eradigm Consulting Activities.

Guest experts from the life sciences environment and beyond who are invited to participate on an ad hoc basis for our events, programs or insight channels.

Experienced members of the Eradigm Consulting team who bring their knowledge, expertise and capabilities to the full range of the CoE activities.

The Centre of Excellence engage delivers value through:

Insights: authored and delivered by Eradigm’s consultants in partnership with our guest and faculty community, these comprise eye-opening news, analysis, debate delivered through multiple media including articles, podcasts and video

Events: designed and delivered by internal and external experts, immersive single or multi-day conferences that provide thought provoking insight experiences for our community

Programs: designed and delivered in partnership with our Faculty, these are bespoke ‘modules’ which provide deeper educational experiences to our community

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